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Enjoy the comfort of a high speed catamaran

Road Town Fast Ferry is the first ever high speed catamaran to connect the islands of St Thomas, USVI and Tortola, BVI.

We Save You Time AND Money!

Enjoy the comfort and speed of the Road Town Fast Ferry as we take you from the heart of St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie, to the heart of Tortola, Road Town. Whereas other ferries bring you to the fringe of Tortola, West End, then require you to take a 15 minute, $15 cab ride into the center of the island, Road Town Fast Ferry will save you time and money.

Road Town Fast Ferry brings you another time advantage by not requiring you to stop into St Johns island on your return trip to St Thomas. Other ferries are required to stop at St Johns before bringing you to the remote tip of St Thomas, Red Hook, since there is not a customs office in Red Hook.

Instead of being forced to detour into St Johns for as much as a 45 minute delay, Road Town Fast Ferry will take you directly from Tortola to St Thomas where there is a US Customs office right at our dock in Charlotte Amalie.

Furthermore, landing in Charlotte Amalie instead of Red Hook will bring you closer to the places you want to be on St. Thomas, the heart of the island!

With Road Town Fast Ferry, you'll get from island center to island center in just 50 minutes! Compare that to a 15 minute cab ride to a 45 minute traditional ferry ride to another 15 minute cab ride and then with a further 45 minute customs delay in St Johns!

With Road Town Fast Ferry, you'll save as much as an hour and ten minutes in trip time and $30 on cab fares!

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